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Crafted Features for Refined Needs

Brand Voice Harmony
Brand Voice Harmony

Experience how Concierge flawlessly echoes your brand’s voice, ensuring consistency and elegance in every interaction.

Curated Interactions
Curated Interactions

Witness the art of tailored dialogue, where Concierge adapts to each client's unique style and preferences.

Intelligent Product Recommendations
Intelligent Product Recommendations

Discover Concierge's ability to derive smart, personalized product suggestions from your product catalogs and optionally CDP or CRM data, enhancing the shopping journey.

Integration Without the Fuss
Integration Without the Fuss

See the ease with which Concierge integrates real-time with your existing chat systems and data sources, bringing sophisticated simplicity to your digital infrastructure.

Graceful Handoff
Graceful Handoff

When the human touch is needed, Concierge elegantly transitions the conversation to your team, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted customer experience.

Working with us

A process as bespoke as your in-store care

Step 1
Understanding your requirements
  • checkOur team immerses ourselves in your brand, understanding your unique style, brand voice, products, customer needs and IT systems to accurately define the scope of the solution.
Step 2
System proposal
  • checkWe then curate a tailored proposal, outlining a simple, yet comprehensive strategy for Concierge implementation, integration, and optimization.
Step 3
Knowledge Base and Catalogue Configuration
  • checkAfter confirming project scope, we gather essential documents such as brand manuals and style guides to train Concierge on your brand's ethos and communication style
  • checkWe then integrate the agent system with your product catalog and CMS for smart, personalized recommendations and image search capabilities.
  • Optional
  • checkIntegrations may include connecting with your order management systems for tracking and updates, or linking with your in-store appointment scheduling systems.
Step 4
Concierge Training
  • checkOur team will train your agent on the collected information and perform some initial calibrations for customer consulting and sales journeys.
Step 5
Sandbox Testing & Refinement
  • checkYour agent will undergo rigorous sandbox testing to ensure it meets expectations. Any issues or inconsistencies will be refined and fixed during this stage.
Step 6
Soft launch (limited user base, regional deployment)
  • checkWe launch a pilot version of your Concierge agent to a limited user base to gather real-world data and feedback, further refining the system for optimal performance.
Step 7
  • checkThe fully tested and refined Concierge system is rolled incrementally out across your desired platforms. Our team will continue to monitor and optimize the system for continued success.

We understand the path to digital excellence varies for each distinguished brand.

Minding that your IT systems might reflect heritage, our approach is tailored to respect your legacy while guiding you towards the future of customer engagement.

Here to help

Investing in Excellence

Choose Your Path to Better Experiences

New Arrival


Credits: 50


  • checkSimple, no-code agent builder and testing sandbox
  • checkConnects with customers via FB Messenger
  • checkWebsite scraper and document upload for agent Knowledge Base creation
  • checkCSV or Excel import and sync for product catalogue and related information
  • checkSimple image-based product search and recommendations
  • checkConfigurable consultation and lead qualification flows
  • checkInbound sales and customer support inquiries

Value Proposition:

New Arrival is the perfect tier for brands that are just getting started with Concierge. It offers a free tier with a limited number of credits and features, ideal for testing out the platform and getting a feel for how Concierge works.



per agent

Credits: 600


  • checkAll New Arrival features +
  • checkConnects with customers via Website chat widget, FB Messenger and WhatsApp
  • checkFully automated or AI suggested repsonses for human agents
  • checkSeamless hand-off to human agents

Value Proposition:

Unlock the essence of boutique-style customer engagement online. Each feature of Concierge is designed to enhance your brand’s digital presence, ensuring every customer interaction is a journey in luxury and efficiency. The return on investment is clear - elevated customer satisfaction, increased engagement, and higher conversion rates.

Maître d'


per agent

Credits: 3,000


  • checkAll Concierge features +
  • checkCustomer follow-up and support via Email
  • checkLive product catalogue and inventory integration through APIs
  • checkCustomizable engagement flows
  • checkShipping/logistics status integration
  • checkCRM / CDP integration for better recommendations

Value Proposition:

Bespoke Maître d' takes your customer experience to new heights of sophistication. Beyond the essential services, it offers deep integration for personalized engagement. This tier is ideal for brands seeking to fully leverage customer data for targeted interactions, resulting in enhanced loyalty, repeat business, and a distinguished online reputation.

Haute Couture

Contact Us

Credits: Custom


  • checkAll Maître d' features +
  • checkCustom integration possibilities tailored to your unique business needs.
  • Examples:
  • checkOmnichannel - Concierge can transcend channels, providing a consistent, high-end experience whether your customers engage with you via chat, social media, or your website.
  • checkIn-store Appointments - Offer the ability to schedule in-store appointments by integrating with your existing appointment management systems or one we recommend.
  • check'Try it on now' - Allow customers to virtually try on products using stylish photoshoot and body-accurate AI generated images.

Value Proposition:

Haute Couture is the pinnacle of personalized customer engagement, offering custom integrations that effortlessly align with your unique operational requirements. This top-tier service is perfect for brands seeking a more sophisticated level of support, demonstrating a commitment to excellence and precision in every customer interaction. Contact us to create a tailored package that is as unique as your brand.

Concierge Credits Explained:
At Concierge, each credit embodies a unique opportunity for customer connection. A credit represents a single engagement session, where customers interact with Concierge for assistance with purchases or to receive support. This system ensures that every interaction is a step towards deepening customer relationships and enhancing their shopping experience.

Flexible Credit Top-Up:
Your Concierge journey is uninterrupted and always responsive to your brand's dynamic needs. If you reach the limit of your allocated credits within a tier, you have the flexibility to top up your account with additional credits. This feature ensures that your engagement with customers remains seamless and continuous, aligning with your commitment to providing an unmatched online luxury experience.

Want More AI Magic?

Concierge is just the beginning. Discover how HeyAI can transform your entire business.

Hey AI System

Frequently asked questions

Delve Deeper into the World of Concierge

How does Concierge ensure the AI interactions reflect our brand’s high standards of service?

Concierge is built on a foundation of brand alignment and service excellence. We begin by deeply integrating your brand's voice and ethos into our AI through comprehensive training with your brand manuals and style guides. The result is an AI that speaks with the sophistication and nuance your clientele expects.

In an industry where tradition matters, how does Concierge blend modern tech with our legacy systems?

We respect the heritage that luxury brands carry and offer a bespoke integration process. Our team works closely with yours to ensure that Concierge’s cutting-edge technology complements and enhances your existing legacy systems, creating a synergy that moves your brand gracefully into the future of digital engagement.

What measures are in place to protect customer data and privacy during AI interactions?

Concierge prioritizes data security and privacy above all. We adhere to the strictest data protection protocols, ensuring all customer interactions and data are handled with the utmost confidentiality and in compliance with global privacy standards, including GDPR and CCPA.

How does Concierge handle complex customer inquiries that typically require human intuition?

While Concierge is equipped with advanced AI capabilities, we understand the irreplaceable value of human touch. Our system is designed for a seamless hand-off to live agents when inquiries transcend AI capabilities, ensuring a smooth continuation of the luxury service your customers are accustomed to.

Can Concierge scale to accommodate peak shopping seasons without losing the personalized touch?

Absolutely. Concierge is designed to scale effortlessly, managing high volumes of customer interactions without compromising personalization. Our credit system and flexible tiers allow you to adjust capacity as needed, ensuring consistent, high-quality engagement, even during the busiest seasons.

What kind of ROI can we expect with Concierge compared to traditional customer service models?

By adopting Concierge, you’re investing in efficiency and customer satisfaction. Brands using Concierge have reported increased engagement, higher conversion rates, and reduced service costs. We can work together to analyze specific metrics and forecast the ROI tailored to your brand’s unique operations.

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